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frozen yogurt

This is FROYO!

You’ve never tasted froyo like this.

That’s because traditional stores, burdened with the costs of pricey real estate and a team of shop keepers, sacrifice product quality to save money where they can.

Frobot is the opposite.  We’ve built the leanest, most efficient, fresh frozen yogurt store that serves the most premium product at an everyday affordable price.


how it works


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the team

Jeremy O'Sullivan

Jeremy O'Sullivan

Melissa Nelson

Melissa Nelson

Alex Farley

Alex Farley

our philosophy

It’s time for a change. When people think of vending, they think of the classic grid of metal spirals pushing out junk food. That’s over. We can do better. And people deserve better. Vending machines could be so much more. Imagine actually getting excited about food coming from a vending machine. We believe it’s not only possible, but doable. Totally doable. And totally worth doing. So here we are.  

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